#TechTuesday Twitter Spaces

#TechTuesday: Chat with Chris Heuer about WEB 3.1 Unconference

#TechTuesday: Chat with Chris Heuer about WEB 3.1-Unconference.

Opening remarks. It all started with Jennifer Navarrete & Twitter Spaces

Tonya Scholz chatted w/ Chris Heuer about Social Media Club & Miami Tech scene.

Chris Heuer shared the history of the Social Media Club that he & Kristie Wells founded.

Kristie Wells & Chris Heuer chat about the philosophy of an unconference.

Chris Heuer shares the overview of the sessions and the speakers presenting at

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Meet Chris Heuer!

With 20+ years experience as a digital visionary, creative media technologist and holistic marketing strategist, Chris Heuer is a leading voice on Social Business and Engagement Strategy. Since launching his first agency, Guru Communications, in 1994, he has advised numerous startups on go-to market strategies, product design, website development, digital marketing, ecommerce and Social Media.

Seeing similarities between the rise of the Web as a vital communications technology and the current rise of Social Media, Chris formed Social Media Club in 2006 to help more people understand the greater significance of what it means to be social and how media production/consumption has changed. Today Social Media Club is the world’s leading organization for Social Media professionals with a community of 500,000 professionals in 300+ cities around the world.

After years of independent consulting, Chris joined Deloitte Digital in 2011 as a Specialist Leader, where he consulted for some of the largest brands in the world on digital strategy, innovation, organizational transformation and social business.

As a Creative Catalyst with AdHocnium, he now offers his strategy and consulting services to consumer brands, technology companies and startups to help them transform into a Social Business. He is also returning to his entrepreneurial roots and is in the midst of launching an Enterprise SaaS company that is still in stealth mode.

Chris also serves as an advisor for RallyBright, Read/Write Labs, NewPath VR, and a recruiting company still in stealth mode. He is a frequent speaker, workshop leader and a trained facilitator and has organized numerous unconferences for the community and private organizations of all sizes.

Chris graduated from American University in 1991 with an interdisciplinary degree in Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government. ~ via

#EmpowerYourselfMonday Podcast Twitter Spaces

#EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 7) Chat with Dr. J. aka Donna Jennings, Ph.D.

#EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 7) Chat with Dr. J. aka Donna Jennings, Ph.D.

#EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 7) w/ our board of directors:
Tonya Scholz, President
Terry Michael, Vice President
Emily Taffel Cohen, Communications
Chat with our Communicator of the week, Dr. J. aka Donna Jennings, Ph.D.

#EmpowerYourselfMonday Podcast Twitter Spaces

#EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 6): Chat with Kristie Wells

#EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 6) Chat with Kristie Wells

Our VP, Terry Michael, starts the podcast with the breathing & mindfulness exercise. Tonya Scholz, President of AWCSF, welcomed everyone to the Space. 

Meet Kristie Wells! 

Kristie Wells and Tonya Scholz chat about WEB 2 and going into WEB 3. 

Kristie Wells and Tonya Scholz chat about WEB 3.1 – Unconference. 

Kristi, Tonya, and Jennifer chat about women utilizing WEB3 and Blockchain.

Kristie and Tonya chat about the importance of education and WEB 3.1 – Unconference. 

Jennifer, Kristie an Tonya closing remarks. 

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About Kristie Wells:

Kristie Wells is a versatile, tech-savvy marketing and customer experience professional. She has run her digital marketing agency for 15 years, led global social media for, built influencer programs for Southwest Airlines and Lenovo, and launched a not-for-profit that created chapters in 350 cities worldwide. While her roles and titles have changed with the times, her passion for connecting people, pursuing big ideas, and improving products are at the core of everything she does.  
She is a co-host of the Web 3.1 Unconference that will explore key issues facing our society as emerging technologies like web3 transform how we connect, communicate, collaborate, and relate to each other. For more info, visit

Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces: The Next Big Thing in Social Audio

Twitter Spaces: The Next Big Thing in Social Audio

AWC National Board, Molly Hall introduces the SpacesHosts.

Tonya Scholz chat with Tonya Mckenzie about how she got into Twitter Spaces and the launch of the successful Friday Twitter Space, #PrLunchHour.

Donna Jennings, Ph.D shared when she discovered Twitter Spaces.

Tonya Scholz chatted with Ginain Grayes about Twitter Spaces & the connections they created.

Tonya Scholz and Samantha Postman chat about Twitter Spaces. Samantha shares her story about how she got into Twitter spaces.

 Tonya Mckenzie Spaces Tips!

Spaces Tips Donna Jennings

Spaces Tips Ginain Grayes.

Samantha Postman Spaces Tips: She talks about the ‘Nest’ and how important it is to pin your tweets there. It’s like a slide show.

Tonya Scholz shares her Spaces tips.

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About Spaces Hosts:

Twitter Spaces

Panel discussions with Women NFT Artists

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Moderator: @EmilyOnTheAve

Owner of Mugsy PR, Event Mastermind, Burlesque Performer, Blogger, and all-around talented and ambitious woman poised to take on the world…

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Panelist: @Crypto_Breezy7

Creative Director,  Twitch Personality, #Defi #Nft #EroticArtist and MentalHealth /Environmental Advocate “We can’t pour from empty cups.”

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Panelist: @PenelopeMNT

Multimedia #NFTartist in the digital landscape.

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Panelist: @Octomint2000
NFT Artist & Collector
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Psychiatrist, Mental Health & Wellness Advocate & Coach. Mother of Four Crypto enthusiast, NFT ARTIST @withFND &    @OpenSea

#listenLIVE via desktop or join in on the chat via Twitter App

Twitter Spaces

Rise of Audio Social via Twitter Spaces

Rise of Audio Social via Twitter Spaces

Because of “Zoom fatigue of 2020”, audio social apps are the fastest growing social media network adoption in 2021. Communicators are excited about audio social because this niche market has become more mainstream. Audio conversations with friends and followers are increasingly popular. The launch of Twitter Spaces has reinvigorated online discussions. 

On Thursday, June 10 at 5 PM EST, beta hosts of Twitter Spaces will team up to teach you the hacks of making the perfect Space to get more followers and interaction with your brand or projects.

This virtual workshop is FREE for members & non-members! It will be hosted on our Twitter page. You can listen live via desktop or Twitter app.

Our Moderator:

Emily Taffel-Cohen (@EmilyOnTheAve) is the Communications Director of Association for Women in Communications South Florida and Founder of Mugsy PR. She has successfully designed and executed numerous viral campaigns, created experiential events, wrote record-breaking strategy and growth plans, and has placed feature pieces for brands in a range of industries from international entertainment, luxury lifestyle, travel, marine, and hospitality clients to those in retail, F&B, and local non-profit organizations. 

Our Panelists:

Samantha Kelly ( @Tweetinggoddess ) Samantha is a Twitter expert, author, community builder, and founder of the Women’s Inspire Network – a global online network for Female entrepreneurs. Named as one of the top marketing influencers on many global lists, Samantha has an engaged following of 52k and is an international speaker. Her mantra is: People buy from people and ‘Don’t worry about people copying your ideas, just keep being the best at what you do.’

Shannon Skinner (@Shannon_Skinner) is an award-winning author, international speaker, writer, radio host, and host/producer of the television show Extraordinary Women TV. She is the author of The Whispering Heart: Your Inner Guide to Creativity, and writes about lifestyle and travel, as well as feminine wisdom. She presently can be found weekdays sharing inspiration on Twitter Spaces. She is based in Toronto. 

 Samantha Demers (@samanthademers) With a background in events, marketing, and communications, Samantha Demers uses audio social media to experiment with growing a few different brands. She co-hosts three weekly Twitter Spaces. One for issues women in business face, another to explore personal growth ideas, and the final one to focus on career, business consulting, relationships, and psychology.When she’s not running Twitter Spaces, Samantha is writing content for her online businesses, helping solopreneurs strategize their messaging copy, and using her interviewing skills to help budding authors craft their books.

Tonya Scholz (@knowaging) is the Association for Women in Communications South Florida Chapter president and has held that position on and off since 2008. Her multimedia talk show, Social Chats, celebrated ten years of Live Streaming in 2020. She has rebranded with a new website and relaunching her previous and latest shows via Twitter Spaces. 


Meet Carolina Gonzalez, our April 2021 Outstanding Comunicator

Join us on Thursday, April 15, from 5 PM -6 PM as we honor our April 2021 outstanding communicator, Carolina Gonzalez, for helping seniors sign up for the COVID-Vaccine. We will also be celebrating our National Chapter, AWC 112 Years of Women Empowerment.

Carolina Gonzalez is a mother of three and a middle school STEAM and Entrepreneurship teacher. She is a graduate of Lynn University’s College of International Communication. In December of 2020, at the beginning of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, it became clear that the appointment booking systems in place would not provide equitable access to the seniors who intended to use them. At this time, she began connecting with seniors to secure highly sought-after COVID-19 vaccine appointments. In January of 2021, while searching for information to assist others, she joined and then was invited to serve as a moderator for the Facebook group, “South Florida-COVID-19 Vaccination Information.”


Gonzalez serves as one of several moderators and volunteers who pour hours of their own time. Her efforts continued throughout all stages and eligibility groups of the vaccine rollout. She continued to connect individuals to confirmed appointments and shifted her efforts to share real-time, up-to-date vaccine opportunities and verified information on the Facebook group. In February of 2021, she began curating up-to-date statewide vaccine appointment information via a live document, State of Florida COVID-19 Vaccination Information, circulated widely throughout the state. Mia Russo Stern, Jenn Greenberg, Kimberly Merchant, and fellow volunteers supported this effort. The live document has been updated and maintained to reflect the most up-to-date statewide opportunities organized by the county. On March 10th, 2021, Gonzalez hosted a Facebook Live event to share tips on using the live document to determine eligibility and where to go. Throughout her volunteer effort, she has made meaningful connections with and partnered with local community leaders to connect hundreds of individuals to various South Florida pop-up vaccination events. Presently, she continues to work alongside like-minded volunteers who work to continuously break down barriers individuals may face in the process of securing a COVID-19 vaccine.


Here is your chance to meet her!





Meet AWCSF New Board of Directors

Part I

Join us for a 60-minutes chat with our new board of directors:
*Terry Michael, AWCSF VP and Operational Director at Balance for Life Retreat.

*Emily Taffel, AWCSF Communications Director and Founder of Mugsy PR.
* Jeanne Pitre, AWCSF Secretary and Founder of Bridgeway Institute and Co-founder of Longevity Collective.

The ladies will be sharing their empowering stories and why they join the board of AWCSF.
Tonya Scholz, AWCSF President, and Founder of kNOw Aging, inc.

Part II

30 minutes of Speed Networking. Each attendee can meet with each other in private Zoom Rooms based on what kind of help or mentorship they are looking for.


How to Pitch to the Media Post Pandemic!

On December 2nd, Media Experts from various outlets in South Florida will team up to teach you the fundamentals of making the perfect pitch to get your brand’s story placed in newspapers, magazines, blogs, TV broadcasts, and radio.

This virtual workshop is FREE for members & non-members!

Our Moderator:
Emily Taffel- AWCSF Communications Director and founder of Mugsy PR, a public relations and marketing specializing in creative publicity campaigns and strategic digital marketing consulting. 
Our Panelists:
*Alina Zerpa- From A to Z Miami (
*Hollani Davis – WPTV channel 5 in WPB (
*Alexandra Clough – Palm Beach Post
*Laine Doss – food and drink editor of Miami New Times
*Alexandra Spirer – Medium / Authority Magazine
and more!
Join us to learn how to pitch with success!

Apps, Automation, and Content Creation

Quote: "Content is king, but distribution is queen, and she wears the pants." -- via Jonathan Perelman, vice-president of agency strategy at Buzzfeed

“Content is king, but distribution is queen, and she wears the pants.” — via Jonathan Perelman, vice-president of agency strategy at Buzzfeed

You can create the best content for your Brand, but do you know where, when, or how to post it quickly to get the ROI (Return on Investments)?

Join the Association for Women in Communications South Florida on Wednesday, October 21, 2020, from 6:30 PM -8 PM for a Zoom virtual Meetup educational class with our president, Tonya Scholz. She will discuss apps to create and automate content to distribute by scheduling it out to all social networks at the optimal times based on their niche.

About Tonya Scholz:

Communications Specialist Tonya Scholz join the Association for Women in Communications South Florida (AWCSF) in 2007. She was elected president of AWCSF in 2008 and has been president on and off since then.  Tonya is a founder/broadcaster and content creator at Social Chats, multimedia, and entertainment company founded in 2010. It’s a division of kNOw Aging, inc., a communications consultancy founded in 2006.

Profile pic of Tonya Scholz, President of AWCSF