“Content is king, but distribution is queen, and she wears the pants.” — via Jonathan Perelman, vice-president of agency strategy at Buzzfeed

You can create the best content for your Brand, but do you know where, when, or how to post it quickly to get the ROI (Return on Investments)?

Join the Association for Women in Communications South Florida on Wednesday, October 21, 2020, from 6:30 PM -8 PM for a Zoom virtual Meetup educational class with our president, Tonya Scholz. She will discuss apps to create and automate content to distribute by scheduling it out to all social networks at the optimal times based on their niche.

About Tonya Scholz:

Communications Specialist Tonya Scholz join the Association for Women in Communications South Florida (AWCSF) in 2007. She was elected president of AWCSF in 2008 and has been president on and off since then.  Tonya is a founder/broadcaster and content creator at Social Chats, multimedia, and entertainment company founded in 2010. It’s a division of kNOw Aging, inc., a communications consultancy founded in 2006.