About Us

Our National Chapter AWC was founded In 1909 by seven female journalists who took steps down a path that has blazed a trail for women in communications for more than 100 years. In this 21st century, AWC continues to evolve—always looking at opportunities to develop its members professionally and pave the way to ever-stronger connections between members across the nation.

Meet Our Board Of Directors

The AWC South Florida Board of Directors is built entirely of passionate volunteer leaders.

Terry Michael


Member Since 2018

Janis Buongermino

Vice President

Member Since 2017

Emily Taffel Cohen

Communications Director

Members since 2014

Tonya Scholz

Education / Program Director

Past President

Member Since 2007


The AWC South Florida Board of Directors is elected by the membership of the Association for Women in Communications. The board elects its own officers.

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