#EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 22): Chat with Ana Couper

Join the Association for Women in Communications South Florida (@AWCSF) on Monday, June 6 @ 10 AM EST #EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 22) via Twitter Spaces with our board of directors:
*Tonya Scholz, @kNOwAging, President
*Terry Michael, @TerryLiveBreath. Vice President
*Emily Taffel Cohen, @EmilyOnTheAve, Communications Director

Chat w/ Ana Couper, artist of the #thefreakclub Quantum CicadaDAO. Akon. Polymath. Gallery x 2 Founderx7 MA Int/Human Security Otago. #quantumsynesthesia

#EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 12): Chat with Jennifer Kryshka.

Join us on Mon., March 28 @ 10 AM EST for #EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 12) w/ our Board of Directors:
Tonya Scholz, @kNOwAging
Emily Taffel, @EmilyOnTheAve
Terry Michael, @TerryLiveBreath

Chat w/ Jennifer Kryshka, CEO of Jewish Women’s Foundation of the Greater Palm Beaches

Panel discussions with Women NFT Artists

Panel discussion #WomeninNFTArt
Join us for a panel discussion with #WomeninNFTArt via #TwitterSpaces about NFT (Non-fungible Token) future or fad
Moderator: @EmilyOnTheAve
#listenLIVE via desktop or join in on the chat via #twitterapp

Rise of Audio Social via Twitter Spaces

Rise of Audio Social via Twitter Spaces

Rise of Audio Social via Twitter Spaces

Because of “Zoom fatigue of 2020”, audio social apps are the fastest growing social media network adoption in 2021. Communicators are excited about audio social because this niche market has become more mainstream. Audio conversations with friends and followers are increasingly popular. The launch of Twitter Spaces has reinvigorated online discussions.
On Thursday, June 10 at 5 PM EST, beta hosts of Twitter Spaces will team up to teach you the hacks of making the perfect Space to get more followers and interaction with your brand or projects.