A Child Is Missing Alert & Recovery Program. 80 million Alerts to this day.

A Child Is Missing, Inc. honored by Women in Communications South Florida

August finalized honoring one of the fastest and most effective programs law enforcement can activate in the critical first minutes of a missing person. A Child is missing Alert & Recovery Program. 80 million Alerts to this day.

View at The Blue, The Boca Raton

While breathtaking views at The Blue, Boca Raton Resort reminded us of the serenity of our surroundings this was contrasted by the potential danger of a missing child or elderly person in our community.

Learning of these liabilities as a community empowers us to be proactive and take action in the critical first minutes of a missing person case. A Child Is Missing Inc. and law enforcement have a good working partnership.

Sherry Friedlander, Founder of this successful Alert Program, started this quest in 1997, serving Law enforcement nationwide,as a FAST response to a time sensitive issue bypassing criteria for an Amber Alert or Silver Alert, optimizing search times and involving surrounding citizens through satellite mapping to target calling ares focalizing efforts based on where the person was last seen.

1,000 alert phone calls can be placed within 60 seconds. This service is 24/7 365 days a year and can assist all missing cases, such as children abducted, wander off, elderly (often with Alzheimer’s/Dementia) college students or disabled individuals.

If a person is in need for this service they must approach the Law enforcement authorities as they are the only ones that may initiate the request to A Child Is Missing. Expansion for the search may of jurisdiction to go nationwide if necessary.

Bringing the community together is vital to locating a missing person. You may join efforts by signing up for alerts for mobile devices online at achildismissing.org as well as providing donations and or volunteering time.

For further info about A Child Is Missing, Inc. you may call Sharon at 954-763-1288.

The Association of Women in Communication, South Florida Chapter was able to engage in an evening of advantageous information.  

For more info or media questions please email: Julia Batres  at info@awcsouthflorida.org

Watch the replay of Facebook Live Women in Communications Honoring A Child is Missing, Inc.

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