Graciela Moore on #EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 39)!

Join the Association for Women in Communications South Florida (@AWCSF) on 

Monday, November 14 @ 10 AM EST #EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 39) via Twitter Spaces 

with our board of directors: 

*Tonya Scholz, @kNOwAging, President

*Terry Michael, @TerryLiveBreath. Vice President 

*Emily Taffel-Cohen, @EmilyOnTheAve, Communications Director

 Chat w/ Graciela Moore, @SoMCoaching, content creator, speaker and podcaster. 

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About Graciela Moore:

Graciela Moore is an ICF Transcendental Hope Coach and content creator since 2010 on Instagram and other platforms. Her degrees in Literature and Film are present in how she maneuvers her content creation, from selecting key-musical pieces and her skills at story-telling. She’s been a published poet in Puerto Rico since 2004 in several Literary Magazines, most recently Volume IX of Sabanas Bilingual Literary Magazine, 2022. She writes in English, Spanish or bilingual. As an entertainer, she has hosted numerous in-person open mic events featuring virtual artists, musicians, and spoken word. 

Empathy is a general theme in her content, writing, and life. Graciela founded the Hope Enthusiasts Club Weekly Newsletter in 2021 and features a poet weekly in the Poetry Spot and a weekly blog. She advocates for Domestic Violence Awareness, Suicide Prevention Awareness, Mental Health, and Toxic Abuse in the workplace. These themes are present in her content and public speaking endeavors. She believes leadership starts within and ultimately transcends to others. Her poetic influences are Transcendentalist poets such as Walt Whitman, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Emily Dickinson, and others. Her pieces include a surreal element and the soul-tugging enigma of feeling misunderstood and unseen. Her poetry is published continuously, and she has books and journals in her upcoming roster. Her greatest joy professionally is becoming an ICF Certified Coach to help survivors find hope after abuse, create fearlessly and live a life of confidence. 

Named one of the TOP 50 Social Audio Voices of 2022 by the Global Interview, her social media reach extends to 17,500 followers across platforms and growing. She hosts a weekly show live on the Fireside Chat app, which also broadcasts Live to Youtube and Spotify. Her weekly participation in Social Audio on Twitter Spaces hosts over 100 listeners in conversations that center around Empathetic Leadership Development. On the Wisdom App, named Apple Store’s App of the Day this year, she was selected as a Top Mentor for the beta group before launch on 10/07/21 because of her extensive background in sales and marketing since 2010; an experience of 10+ years in the Hospitality Industry, holding a Real Estate License in FL and a life portfolio in the entertainment/music industry since childhood. 

She is from Puerto Rico, fully bilingual, and resides in Florida with her husband and family. For for more info:

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