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Chat w/ Graciela Moore! #EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 39)

Chat w/ Graciela Moore, ICF Transcendental Hope Coachcontent creator, speaker and podcaster! #EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 39)

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Play Video about Chat w/ Graciela Moore, content creator, speaker and podcaster.

About Graciela Moore:

Graciela Moore is an ICF Transcendental Hope Coach and content creator since 2010 on Instagram and other platforms. Her degrees in Literature and Film are present in how she maneuvers her content creation, from selecting key-musical pieces and her skills at story-telling. She’s been a published poet in Puerto Rico since 2004 in several Literary Magazines, most recently Volume IX of Sabanas Bilingual Literary Magazine, 2022. She writes in English, Spanish or bilingual. As an entertainer, she has hosted numerous in-person open mic events featuring virtual artists, musicians, and spoken word. 

Empathy is a general theme in her content, writing, and life. Graciela founded the Hope Enthusiasts Club Weekly Newsletter in 2021 and features a poet weekly in the Poetry Spot and a weekly blog. She advocates for Domestic Violence Awareness, Suicide Prevention Awareness, Mental Health, and Toxic Abuse in the workplace. These themes are present in her content and public speaking endeavors. She believes leadership starts within and ultimately transcends to others. Her poetic influences are Transcendentalist poets such as Walt Whitman, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Emily Dickinson, and others. Her pieces include a surreal element and the soul-tugging enigma of feeling misunderstood and unseen. Her poetry is published continuously, and she has books and journals in her upcoming roster. Her greatest joy professionally is becoming an ICF Certified Coach to help survivors find hope after abuse, create fearlessly and live a life of confidence. 

Named one of the TOP 50 Social Audio Voices of 2022 by the Global Interview, her social media reach extends to 17,500 followers across platforms and growing. She hosts a weekly show live on the Fireside Chat app, which also broadcasts Live to Youtube and Spotify. Her weekly participation in Social Audio on Twitter Spaces hosts over 100 listeners in conversations that center around Empathetic Leadership Development. On the Wisdom App, named Apple Store’s App of the Day this year, she was selected as a Top Mentor for the beta group before launch on 10/07/21 because of her extensive background in sales and marketing since 2010; an experience of 10+ years in the Hospitality Industry, holding a Real Estate License in FL and a life portfolio in the entertainment/music industry since childhood. 

She is from Puerto Rico, fully bilingual, and resides in Florida with her husband and family. For for more info:

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Chat w/ Rose Horowitz, Founder & Host of #WomenToFollow! #EmpowerYourselfMonday EPS 37

Chat w/ Rose Horowitz, Founder & Host of #WomenToFollow! #EmpowerYourselfMonday EPS 37

Join the Association for Women in Communications South Florida (@AWCSF) on Monday, October 31 @ 10 AM EST 

#EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 37) via Twitter Spaces with our board of directors: 

*Tonya Scholz, @kNOwAging, President 

*Terry Michael, @TerryLiveBreath, Vice President 

*Emily Taffel-Cohen, @EmilyOnTheAve, Communications Director 

Chat w/ Rose Horowitz (@RoseHorowitz31), Pulitzer-nominated Journalist💡Founder & Host, #WomenToFollow

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About Rose Horowitz:

Rose Horowitz is a Pulitzer-nominated journalist and the founder of #WomenToFollow, a global hashtag trend that had a reach of 12 million views in its first two weeks. She also creates unique #WomenToFollow programs for organizations and businesses. Since 2021, she has hosted 23 episodes of a live stream #WomenToFollow show featuring prominent business leaders, journalists, photographers, and authors. She was named a Host to Watch by the @TwitterSpaces account. 

Rose has been published in the New York Times, Forbes, The Los Angeles Times, and many other publications. She has also created content for brands such as Citi and Morgan Stanley. Rose produced 250 daily, consecutive episodes for digital innovator and professor Sree Sreenivasan’s #COVID19 show, which launched as the lockdown began. She co-hosted 30 episodes and booked many guests. Of the 457 guests, 56 percent were women, including journalist Maria Ressa who received the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. She also helped conceive and launch a weekly medical live stream and podcast show, @ShesOnCall. 

Rose has published poetry in poetry journals and has studied with poets that include: Marie Ponsot, Sapphire, Jean Valentine, and Elaine Equi. One of Rose’s poems was published in the award-winning Dare to Dream…Change the World, a children’s poetry anthology published in 2012 by Kane Miller Books. 

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Chat with Michelle Olson-Rogers! #EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 30)

#EmpowerYourselfMonday( EPS 30): Chat / Michelle Olsen-Rogers (@ModernBocaMom)!

Join the Association for Women in Communications South Florida (@AWCSF) on Monday, August 22 @ 10 AM EST 

#EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 30) via Twitter Spaces with our board of directors:

*Tonya Scholz, @kNOwAging, President

*Terry Michael, @TerryLiveBreath. Vice President 

*Emily Taffel Cohen, @EmilyOnTheAve, Communications Director

Chat / Michelle Olsen-Rogers (@ModernBocaMom) about her leading lifestyle website for parents. 

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#EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 28): Chat with Jessica Kizorek!

#EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 28): Chat w/ Jessica Kizorek!

Join the Association for Women in Communications South Florida (@AWCSF) on Monday, July 25 @ 10 AM EST

#EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 28) via Twitter Spaces with our board of directors: 

*Tonya Scholz, @kNOwAging, President 

*Terry Michael, @TerryLiveBreath. Vice President 

*Emily Taffel Cohen, @EmilyOnTheAve, Communications Director 

Chat w/ Entrepreneur|Activist |Futurist, Jessica Kizorek, @jessicakizorek, founder of @GoTwoParrot @eyesonurmissionn @TechVersify 

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With her unique experience telling stories with video, Jessica Kizorek teaches nonprofits and entrepreneurs to use multi-media inside websites, social platforms, apps, and eBooks. She is a futurist, constantly encouraging clients to deepen emotional relationships online. 

Since 2001 Kizorek has developed a presence for herself, domestically and abroad, as an entrepreneur and international activist. Her company, Two Parrot Productions, was co-founded in 2001 with her father, Bill Kizorek. Working primarily with large nonprofits – such as The AARP Foundation, Special Olympics, and Lions Club – she has created hundreds of short films and video-centric fundraising campaigns. 

Having traveled to over 60 countries, she has covered a multitude of humanitarian causes as a journalist and documentarian. Venturing onto the front lines of such efforts as education in Pakistan’s largest refugee camp, World Women’s Day in Nepal, and fair trade farming initiatives in Ghana. A large chunk of this work – including the airline miles to fly their crew worldwide – is donated by the Kizorek family. 

As a diplomat representing the USA, Jessica travels the world empowering millennial women to enter the workforce and start businesses. She facilitates this mainly through an organization she founded in 2010 called Badass Businesswomen. As a “Women’s Empowerment Specialist” by the US Department of State and a “Small Business Expert” by Fox News, Jessica speaks to international audiences about the art of modern business in a digital world. Her production company covers many issues, though female entrepreneurialism is the cause closest to her heart. Kizorek has written eight books, many focusing on marketing with videos on the internet. ‘Make Them BEG,’ a digital video educational product line designed to teach female entrepreneurs how to create an irresistible personal brand that won first place in the Miami Herald’s Business Plan Challenge. 

Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder with a degree in International Business. Guest lecturer at Princeton, UC-Berkley, University of Michigan, University of Miami, and Miami Ad School. She has also appeared as a guest on major news outlets such as Fox, NBC, CNN, Weekend Today, and the Better Show. 

Kizorek is an elite athlete; at one point, she was ranked second in the United States in track cycling and second in Chicago for tennis. She is a poet, singer/songwriter, and fine artist with a collection of over 30 canvases covered with calligraphy, electrified light, and shattered mirrors.

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CASE STUDY: Our work with Florida International University:

CASE STUDY: Our work from the perspective of a winning student:

WINNING STUDENT VIDEO 2022: Suicide Awareness

WINNING STUDY VIDEO 2022: Runner Buddies

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#EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 27): Chat with Alexandra Spirer!

#EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 27): Chat with Alexandra Spirer!

Join the Association for Women in Communications South Florida (@AWCSF) on Monday, July 18 @ 10 AM EST #EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 27) via Twitter Spaces with our board of directors:

*Tonya Scholz, @kNOwAging, President

*Terry Michael, @TerryLiveBreath. Vice President

*Emily Taffel Cohen, @EmilyOnTheAve, Communications Director

Chat with Alexandra Spirer, Publicist, Event Planner & Writer for Authority Magazine on Medium and Writer for New York Style Guide!

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About Alexandra Spirer!

With over 20 years of branding and marketing experience, Alexandra Spirer launched her PR firm in 2019.

Alexandra graduated from Syracuse University with a BS in Consumer Studies in May 1999. She went on to promote her brand of cookies called Alex & Dani’s light and crispy cookies across the US for 6 ½ years.

In addition to branding and marketing, Alexandra has produced events for over a decade for corporate and professional clients. Events include a successful book launch event for Celebrity Interviewer at Vanity Fair George Wayne for his new book in December 2017 and secured the cover of Industry Rules Magazine for him, released in January 2018. In December 2018, she was the publicist for the Coco Miami 2018 Art event during Art Basel in Miami Beach, featuring celebrity artists Tom Franco, Justin Suico, and up-and-coming artist Ben Moon hosted by Celebrity Host Emily Leguizamo.

In 2018, Alexandra became a writer for Authority Magazine on and had her feature series on Female Founders and Entrepreneurs. She also is a writer for the New York Style Guide and, in 2019, became a Contributor on Thrive Global and Buzzfeed. She has featured Beyonce’s Creative Director Ty Hunter, Movie star and Vegan activist Alicia Silverstone, and other notable celebrity designers, Influencers, CEOs, and Entrepreneurs.

​Alexandra’s passion is giving back. She has been involved with numerous charitable organizations such as Surgeons of Hope, the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, and Serving on the Host Committee for Mercado Global. In December 2017, she worked with the Global Gift Foundation on two events during Art Basel – Basel on the Bay Yacht Charity event and the Eva Longoria and Ricky Martin Foundation Gala at Eden Roc.

For more info:

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#EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 24): Chat with Bobbi Bicker

#EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 24): Chat with Bobbie Bicker!

Join the Association for Women in Communications South Florida (@AWCSF) on Monday, June 20 @ 10 AM EST #EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 24) via Twitter Spaces with our board of directors: 

*Tonya Scholz, @kNOwAging, President 

*Terry Michael, @TerryLiveBreath

Vice President *Emily Taffel Cohen, @EmilyOnTheAve, Communications Director 

Chat with Bobbi Bicker, Multi Dimensional Artist | Mentor| Content Creator | Founder of #ArtistsOnTwitter Community #ArtistHighlight Show Host. 

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#EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 23): Chat with Sandra Abrams

#EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 23): Chat w/ Sandra Abrams about WEB3.

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Join the Association for Women in Communications South Florida (@AWCSF) on Monday, June 13 @ 10 AM EST #EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 23) via Twitter Spaces with our board of directors: 

*Tonya Scholz, @kNOwAging, President 

*Terry Michael, @TerryLiveBreath. Vice President 

Chat with Sandra Abrams @ssmarba about her startup, Onboard60 that provides education, resources & awareness to senior citizens navigating WEB3.

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#EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 13): Chat w/ Samantha Postman

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Meet Samantha Postman, Global Speaker, Storyteller, Creative, CEO, 5x Founder+ | Fdr @Multi_Achievers

Our communicator of the week,  #EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 13)

#listenREPLAY 🎧
 #EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 13) with our Board of Directors, 
Tonya Scholz, @kNOwAging (President)
Emily Taffel Cohen @EmilyOnTheAve (Communications Director)
Terry Michael, @TerryLiveBreath (Vice President)
Chat w Samantha Postman @samanthapostman
, Global Speaker, Storyteller, Creative, CEO, 5x Founder+ | Fdr @Multi_Achievers
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About Samantha Postman:

Samantha Postman (@SamanthaPostman) is a serial entrepreneur, international keynote speaker & thought leader, and multi-perspectives Storyteller. She is currently the founder and CEO of SmartArrow Inc., ideation, innovation, product development, and consulting company. Doubles as a Live Social Audio Expert+ Optional: Plus managing partner, CFO of Prairie Land Farms Inc., a mixed commercial crop farm. 
She recently founded, Medici Multi-Achievers Community, For Multi-Disciplined. Recreating the Medici Renaissance magic. Igniting collaborative intelligence to a think-tank of extraordinary people. 
For more information:

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#EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 12): Chat with Jennifer Kryshka.

#EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 12): Chat w/ Jennifer Kryshka,
Jewish Women's Foundation of the Greater Palm Beaches

Meet Jennifer Kryshka, CEO of Jewish Women’s Foundation of the Greater Palm Beaches!

Join us on Mon., March 28 @ 10 AM EST for #EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 12) w/ our Board of Directors: 

Tonya Scholz, @kNOwAging 

Emily Taffel, @EmilyOnTheAve 

Terry Michael, @TerryLiveBreath

Chat w/ Jennifer Kryshka,Jewish Women’s Foundation of the Greater Palm Beaches.

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About Jennifer Kryshka: 

Jennifer is a lifelong feminist who has worked in the Jewish community for over 17 years. She joined JWF in 2014 as Chief Program & Operations Officer and became Chief Executive Officer in January 2019. She is honored to work on behalf of women and girls alongside JWF’s passionate trustees. Jennifer sits on the sisterhood board at Congregation Kol Tikvah and currently co-chairs the Florida Women’s Funding Alliance steering committee. She is a former board member of Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, D.C. and former board chair of NARAL Virginia’s League of Young Leaders.

Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Philosophy & Literature from the University of Central Florida and earned an Executive Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Florida Atlantic University. She lives in Parkland with her husband, Chris, and two children, Ezra and Ayla.

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#EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 11): Chat with Kimmi Le about entrepreneurship and wellness.

#EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 11): Chat with Kimmi Le about entrepreneurship and wellness.

Meet our communicator of the week, Kimmi Le!

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#EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS11) via Twitter Spaces w/ our Board of Directors: Tonya Scholz,  Emily Taffel Cohen, Terry Michael. The ladies chat w/ Kimmi Le about entrepreneurship & wellness. 

Originally streamed on Monday, March 21, 2022, @ 10 AM EST

Listen to the full episode 👇


Pharmacist + Nutritionist

CAREER GOALS: Incorporating vibrant health techniques utilizing evidence-based practices with holistic medicine provides a well-rounded and comprehensive education in wellness and leadership.

CORE STRENGTHS: Content Creation | Social Networking | Public Relations – Business Development | Strong Communication Skills


– NBC6 News – Better Homes and Gardens – Mind Body Green – Worthy Magazine   – Foodable Network


*Clean Living Health and Wellness, CO-FOUNDING PARTNER:  Advance our goal to inspire health equity on a global scale. Bio-techno- sociological approach to researching health disparities at the level of the community, the family, and the individual. Provide innovative health and wellness products, services, and programs to reinvigorate and revitalize the bodies and minds of our community 

*NSU College of Pharmacy: ASSISTANT PROFESSOR / DIRECTOR OF PRECEPTOR DEVELOPMENT: Facilitate recruitment of students, preceptors, and administrative faculty. Curate clinically relevant materials, overseeing preceptor-led educational experiences with students. Develop engaging and novel methods of training and experiential advancements.

*Juicery Rx, CO-FOUNDING PARTNER: Educate current advances in nutritional research, culinary medicine, and pharmaceutical science. Lead discussions, workshops, and self-care initiatives in the community to encourage educated-decision making about food choices and overall health

*Life Extension Nutrition Center, CLINICAL WELLNESS EDUCATOR: Designed innovative programming initiatives to coach, instruct, and educate the benefits of nutraceuticals. They organized outreach programs to extend product knowledge and philosophy to communities lacking access to information on health fundamentals. Worked with Fortune 500 companies to launch corporate wellness training programs for employees.


*Functional Medicine University: CERTIFIED CLINICAL NUTRITIONIST

*David Winston’s Center for Herbal Studies: CLINICAL HERBALIST CERTIFICATE

*Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine – Tulane: CERTIFIED CULINARY MEDICINE SPECIALIST

*NSU College of Pharmacy: DOCTORATE OF PHARMAC