Kristie Wells on #EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 6)!

Join us today @ 10AM EST for #EmpowerYourselfMonday (EPS 6) w/ @kNOwAging @EmilyOnTheAve @TerryLiveBreath! Chat w/ @KristieWells about her upcoming Web 3.1 Unconference & more!

Tap the link below to set a reminder to join in👇… #womenincommunications

Our VP, Terry Michael, starts the podcast with the breathing & mindfulness exercise. Tonya Scholz, President of AWCSF, welcomed everyone to the Space. 

Meet Kristie Wells! 

Kristie Wells and Tonya Scholz chat about WEB 2 and going into WEB 3. 

Kristie Wells and Tonya Scholz chat about WEB 3.1 – Unconference. 

Kristi, Tonya, and Jennifer chat about women utilizing WEB3 and Blockchain.

Kristie and Tonya chat about the importance of education and WEB 3.1 – Unconference. 

Jennifer, Kristie an Tonya closing remarks. 

Listen to the full episode! ⬇️

About Kristie Wells:​

Kristie Wells is a versatile, tech-savvy marketing and customer experience professional. She has run her digital marketing agency for 15 years, led global social media for, built influencer programs for Southwest Airlines and Lenovo, and launched a not-for-profit that created chapters in 350 cities worldwide. While her roles and titles have changed with the times, her passion for connecting people, pursuing big ideas, and improving products are at the core of everything she does.  
She is a co-host of the Web 3.1 Unconference that will explore key issues facing our society as emerging technologies like web3 transform how we connect, communicate, collaborate, and relate to each other. For more info, visit

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