Connect and Thrive: Join the Women in Communications Network

Women in Communications of all ages and different industries.

For women communicators, having a strong network of peers provides solidarity and empowerment for thriving in your career. At Association for Women in Communications South Florida (AWCSF), our mission is to cultivate that very community and see women rise together.

When you join AWCSF, you open yourself up to a wealth of connections and opportunities crafted for women in communications. Meet peers, access career development, and amplify your voice.

Build Community with Fellow Women Communicators

At the heart of AWCSF is our diverse network of women spanning industries, expertise levels, and passions. We break down barriers so you can make authentic connections.

Attend our virtual meetups and events to meet fellow members. Join our online platform to continue conversations and collaborations. Access local networking events to connect with members in your area.

Share advice, celebrate wins, find mentors and collaborators, and form lifelong bonds. Do meaningful work together and change perceptions of women in our field. Our network provides the community all communicators need to thrive.

Elevate Your Skills through Ongoing Training

Advance your expertise with AWCSF’s specialized training and development for women communicators.

Our online course library allows you to learn at your own pace. Choose from beginner to advanced courses in writing, social media, branding, crisis communications, and more.

Attend our live virtual events to get inspired by industry veterans, rising stars, and change-makers. Our workshops and seminars will refine your leadership, executive presence, and other career skills.

Get matched with a mentor for 1:1 guidance from experienced communicators. Join a mastermind group to collaborate with peers on current projects and challenges.

With AWCSF’s help, keep your skills sharp and resume robust. Gain knowledge to grow in your role or take the next step in your career journey.

Stay Informed through Industry Insights

Get the insider knowledge you need through AWCSF’s industry resources. Listen to our podcast featuring veterans of the field. Browse articles and interviews on our website. Access special reports and tools for women communicators.

AWCSF equips you with the latest trends, skills, and thinking. Apply what you learn to make strategic decisions and demonstrate your expertise with employers and clients. Become known as a thought leader.

“The connections I’ve made through AWCSF have become my biggest advocates and cheerleaders. It truly takes a village.” – Tonya, founder of kNOw Aging, PR. 

Join Us and See Your Career Flourish

At AWCSF, we wholeheartedly support you and your success in communications. When you join our network, you open yourself up to new possibilities.

Make career moves you’ve been dreaming about. Spearhead projects that showcase your talents. Expand your perspective through courses and conversations. And form friendships to last a lifetime.

We invite you to become part of AWCSF. Various membership levels are available to suit your experience and needs.

Or, join for free and receive our newsletter and event invites to start making connections. Soon, you’ll be part of our empowering community.

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